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CardioSpect D90

  • typical intrinsic spatial resolution FWHM <= 2.5 mm
  • also suitable for most non-cardiac examinations
  • radius adjustment at 90o detector position for more accurate patient positioning
  • maintenance-free mechanical gantry
  • robust mechanical gantry design with improved safety factor
  • universal, easily moveable patient pallet made of low attenuation (<5%), 2.5 mm thin aluminium
  • <abbr title="Field of View">FOV</abbr>: 360x210mm
  • Energy range: 40-300 keV (option: 400 keV)
  • Intrinsic energy resolution for 99mTc: 9.7%
  • Intrinsic Spatial Resolution: CFOV 2.8mm (<abbr title="Full Width at Half Maximum">FWHM</abbr>)


Two rectangular FOV high stability detectors assembled with high optical and mechanical quality

  • NaI(Tl) scintillation crystal
    • Size: 430x244 mm
    • Thickness: 6.4 mm or 9.5 mm (optional)
  • Photomultipliers:
    • 37 pcs of high quantum efficiency PMT characterized by improved energy resolution, magnetic shielding and long-term stability
  • Lead shielding thickness: 12 mm - 25 mm

Detector electronics

Compact, highly integrated, one-board easily serviceable construction without tuning potentiometers:

  • computer controlled PMT autotuning processor for fast PMT gain stabilization and adjustment
  • computer controlled ODC electronics
  • high precision summation electronics
  • active high voltage bleeder with integrated HV module

Direct Reading Pocket Dosimeters
Direct Reading Pocket Dosimeters

Thru-Wall Endoscope
Thru-Wall Endoscope

Mammography Phantom Material
Mammography Phantom Material

100 cm2 Beta/Gamma Scintillation Probe
100 cm2 Beta/Gamma Scintillation Probe

Calibrator IRD2000
Calibrator IRD2000