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Nuclear Medicine Phantom Mixer

Now you can achieve a uniform distribution of activity in a cylindrical phantom while minimizing radiation exposure to the technologist and saving technologist time. The Universal Phantom Mixer can accommodate any cylindrical phantom up to 11 inches in length and 12 inches in diameter.
• Minimizes radiation exposure to personnel
• Ensures uniform distribution of radioactivity
• Saves technologist time
• Ideal for use with virtually all cylindrical phantoms
• Simplifies filling phantom
• Small footprint, 10 x 14.85 inch
• Helps keep radiation exposure ALARA as required by state and federal regulations.

It’s easy to use. Carefully lay the phantom lengthwise on the rollers of the Nuclear Medicine Phantom Mixer and turn the toggle-switch on. A standard tank phantom will require approximately 10 minutes mixing time. Some types of SPECT, coincidence performance phantoms require between 15 and 20 minutes mixing time. After the phantom has been mixed, simply turn the mixer off. This handy device features single-switch operation for added convenience.

  • Perform QC requirements faster...saves time
  • Reduce radiation accordance with ALARA
  • Achieve more uniform distribution of radioactivity...for better results

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