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PC/QCT Bone Mineral Density Software

A PC-based QCT software program for the convenient and reliable derivation of the QCT value of trabecular bone. This QCT technique does not require the use of external calibration phantoms, but uses internal reference tissues instead. Muscle and fat tissue, positioned in proximity to the lumbar vertabrae, are used as reference tissue to calibrate CT numbers of trabecular bone.

An interactive histogram plotting technique is used to determine the mode CT number of the trabecular bone. The average BMD value for the lumbar slices is determined and compared to the selected reference population data and the T- and Z-scores are calculated and plotted in color for the final report.

Minimum computer requirements:
Pentium® processor, 3.5 inch HD floppy drive, DICOM
supported system with Microsoft® Windows® 95,
interfaces for non-DICOM systems available

  • Phantomless QCT with PC based software
  • Cost effective - provides added value to your existing equipment
  • Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Analysis available from your present spine scans without additional procedures
  • Trend Analysis performed for patients with follow-up or multiple studies
  • Performs analysis retrospectively
  • Reported precision better than 1%* for normals
  • Reproducibility less than 2%**
  • Determination of T-score and Z-score values
  • DICOM® 3.0 compatible; DICOM storage class provider (SCP) application license provided


X-Ring/4R (HR)
X-Ring/4R (HR)

Gamma Scintillation Probe
Gamma Scintillation Probe


Ultrane 553-554
Ultrane 553-554

PDS 100 G ID
PDS 100 G ID