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PC/Auto QA Software

  • Fast automated MRI analysis for routine QC or acceptance testing1
  • Generates easy to read results with hardcopy output
  • Comprehensive trend analysis
  • Can be configured with various vendor phantoms including the Magphan™ Phantom
  • DICOM® 3.0 compatible; DICOM storage class provider (SCP) application license provided
  • Helps fulfill regulatory requirements

Minimum computer requirements Pentium® processor, 3.5 inch HD floppy drive, DICOM supported system with Microsoft® Windows® 95, interfaces for non-DICOM systems available.

Signal-to-noise ratio
This parameter is calculated by a commonly used equation by determining the quotient of the difference in mean values between a central region and the background region, as divided by the standard deviation of the central region.

Geometric distortion
Also referred to as linearity (the ability to image a straight line as a straight line). Influencing this parameter is B0 homogenity and x an y gradient linearity. A simplified method of measuring gradient non-linearity can be accomplished by linear determination of the phantom’s dimensions.

Vertical and horizontal profiles are generated through the phantom’s center. The fractional uniformity is calculated as the percentage of the profile pixels within an acceptable range determined by ± 10 of the central mean. The integral uniformity is calculated from the profile data as well.

Spatial resolution (pixel size)
This measurement tracks the degree of electronic temporal sampling of the RF signal in the phase encoding (y) and readout direction (x), thus reflecting the sampling matrix fineness. For MRI, the system resolution is determined by the acquisition matrix.

Slice width
Slice width is derived from gradient induced resonant excitation regions of the magnetic and RF fields. Methodology for this measurement resembles that for CT, whereby the full-width at half-maximum (FWHM) of the background corrected ramp profile is equivalent to the experimental slice thickness.


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